Fast & Easy Lean Metrics in seconds

As Agile Coaches or Lean Consultants we find ourselves in situations where we need to quickly get some key metrics and charts from our customers.

If you are lucky your customer will be using a tool such as LeanKit or Swiftkanban, both with powerful lean metrics capabilities. If you are not so lucky your customer will be using tools such as JIRA, VersionOne or Redmine, with poor lean metrics capabilities.

Anyhow, you may need to review your customer data right away to prepare a proposal or, to do an assessment and your customer won’t grant you access to their systems easily. But you can still ask them to provide you with a CSV with an export of their issue tracking system.

And here comes the magic! That’s why Gabri built There you can upload your CSV, configure few parameters and in less than one minute you will have 4 powerful charts that will provide you with a realistic perspective of your customers capabilities:

  • Cumulative Flow Diagram
  • Lead Time Histogram
  • Lead Time Scatterplot
  • Lead Time & Throughput Monthly Evolution (including Lead Time variability)

CFD Histogram Scatterplot Evolution

You can also eliminate outliers in two different ways or just leave them.

This app is currently in development and evolving. We would like to improve it with your feedback. Is there any functionality you would like? Any problems? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Will you use it?

If you are a developer and would like to see the code or contribute to it you can fork it at github.


Gabriel Prat (founder of Hoshinplan & Organizational Coach) and Gerard Chiva (Business Coach)